About Risdon Photography

Risdon Photography offers professional, corporate photography in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area. We cover a variety of corporate and political events, (such as congressional visits) editorial photography, business and creative portraits, conferences, conventions and trade shows.

Cable and I strive to provide our clients concise, useful photography. We use our expertise to produce creative, interesting images with purpose. All images are extensively edited, color corrected and painstakingly scrutinized in post-production.

We use the latest professional photography equipment and offer images via DVD, CD, Dropbox, FTP but mostly delliver images via private, password protected galleries. We also are capable of sending select images on site via wifi from our camera to clients phones for social media purposes. This eliminates those blurry phone pictures for your Twitter feed.

Both Cable and I have had the privilege of being on assignment at The White House (Cable has photographed five of our Presidents), various embassy’s and dignitaries residences, offices of the United States Capitol, nooks and crannies of congressional office buildings, chauffeured driven limo’s with the best in show Westminster Springer Spaniel, and too many to list fun and interesting jobs. We both agree that through our privileged position, we have had the opportunity to experience places the average citizen never sees and have been in the company of folks considered well known and iconic. Our experience has proven that we comply with the protocol of the event, take direction from our clients and behave in a manner, which is professional and discrete.  

Please call or email with any questions or concerns about turn around times or rates. We welcome inquiries and believe that customer satisfaction is key.